Meor Einayim Likutim Series (Advanced)

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01- (pg. 379) Koach Hadibur & Koach Hatorah of a Yid; Striving for Gadlus download 8.87MB 36:50
02- (end of pg. 379) Connecting Our Minds to Our Hearts; Destroying Amalek download 8.22MB 34:09
03- (end of pg. 380) Our Connection to Hashem in Golus is Never Lost; Yesod of Yibbum, Meimer, & Kiddushin download 7.79MB 32:21
04a- (end of pg.381) Living in Eretz Yisroel wherever we are; Bringing Out Elokos into the World download 6.07MB 25:11
04b- (end of pg. 382) Torah Lishma- Bringing & Building Malchus in the World; Making Yichudim throughout our lives download 5.75MB 23:49
05- (pg. 383) Revealing the Hidden Elokos in this World & Realizing Everything is Chesed; Milui Osios- Yud download 11.92MB 49:33
06- (end of pg. 384) The Tzitz & Tzitzis- Realizing Hashem is Always Here download 9.40MB 39:04
07- (pg. 386) Revealing the P'nimius of everything by taking away the Levushim; Teshuva; Binah; Megilas Ester download 6.53MB 27:06
08- (pg. 388) Realizing there's nothing else besides Hashem- Yirah Ilah; Being a Merkava for the Shechina download 10.39MB 43:11
09- (pg. 390) Mesiras Nefesh & Ohr Hamakif; Yiras Haromemos download 7.15MB 29:40
10- (end of pg. 391) Yirah brings us to a Ta'anig Gadol; Yearning fo the Beis Hamikdash; Protecting Shabbos download 10.46MB 43:28
11- (end of pg. 393) Taking & Feeling the Beis Hamikdash & Hashem wherever you go; Shabbos & Yirah download 5.84MB 24:13
12- (pg. 396) Shabbos- Only Hashem's Reshus; Feeling & Living with Hashem all the time & wherever you go download 12.89MB 53:36
13- (pg. 397) Being Mamtik Dinim & Breaking Gevuros- Staying Calm in all Situations; Chodesh Tammuz & Av download 12.45MB 51:45
14- (pg. 399) Being M'maleh Nitzotzos- Making all our Ma'asim Ruchni; Making Shomayim & Aretz One Reshus download 7.19MB 29:51
15- (pg. 400) Torah is the Chiyus of the Creation & of all Mitzvos; Importance of Saying & Learning Korbanos download 13.78MB 57:19
16- (end of pg. 400) Always Striving for more in Life & in Torah- Never Having Menucha download 7.21MB 29:57
17- (pg. 402) Chochmah & Binah- they can never be separated; Tzimtzumim are only in order to be Meitiv to us download 10.32MB 42:52
18- (end of pg. 403) Connecting to Hashem & Finding the Chiyus Eloki in all our Deeds; Eating Properly download 10.89MB 45:15
19- (end of pg. 405) Learning Torah Properly- With the Shechinah & Connecting to Hashem download 7.44MB 30:52
20- (end pg. 406) Torah can guide a person; Yesod of Ma'amer; A Yid can reach higher than a Malach download 10.26MB 42:37
21- (pg. 408) Hishtokekos & Connecting to our Reishus; Bris Milah & Bris Halashon; Connecting Shomayim & Aretz download 13.77MB 57:15
22- (pg. 410) Protecting Our Neshama; Midas HaYesod; Techiyas Hameisim download 10.25MB 42:35
23- (pg. 411) Learning Torah & Halacha Properly; Bringing the Light into the Choshech; Achdus & Shalom download 14.67MB 60:59
24- (pg. 413) Reaching & Finding the Shoresh of Things & in our Torah; The Gadlus of a Simple & Temimos-dika Yid download 19.02MB 79:07
25- (end of pg. 416) Speaking Dibburim of Yichud & Bringing Hashem into this World download 8.17MB 33:57
26- (pg. 417) Dibbur, Peh- Making a Yichud with Shomayim & Aretz, Gashmi into Ruchni; Yaakov Avinu; Tefillah download 12.33MB 51:16
27- (pg. 420) Realizing we're in the Heichel Hamelech while learning Torah & in Life; Purim, Chanuka; Shabbos (end taken from Purim 5771- Beis Hashem) download 13.11MB 54:29
28a- (end of pg. 421) Realizing Everything in this World has a Tachlis- The Gadlus of Rebbi Akiva download 7.03MB 29:11
28b- (pg. 422) The Higher the Madreigos we reach the more we should feel Misbatel towards Hashem download 5.34MB 22:09
29- (pg. 423) Shabbos Kodesh & Lecha Dodi- Guarding & Beatifying the Shechinah; Succos; Yofi in Mitzvos download 12.13MB 50:25
30- (end of pg. 424) Feeling our Deep Connection to Hashem in all Situations; Shir Hashirim; Nitilas Yadayim download 12.30MB 51:07
31- (end of pg. 426) Realizing & Guarding our Precious Torah, Shabbos, & each bit of Ruchniyus download 15.13MB 62:56
32- (end of pg. 428) The Essence of Kavod; Torah, Malchus; Krias Shema; Sotah download 13.79MB 57:21
33- (pg. 430) Teshuva- Going back to before Brias Haolam; Kabalas Hatorah with Teshuva download 6.90MB 28:39
34- (pg. 431) Yesod of Chochmah & Binah- They must go together; Learning Torah properly download 7.31MB 30:21
35- (pg. 432) Learning & Davening with Chiyus & away from Chumrius; Connecting everything to Ruchniyus; Yichudim & Osios download 20.09MB 83:37
36- (pg. 436) Yearning & Being Mevatel to Hashem's M'tzius; Seder Zerayim, Mesechta Brachos; Pesach & Leil HaSeder download 15.31MB 63:41
37a -(pg. 438) Yesodos of Emunah- Realizing our Hishtadlus is Nothing; Yesodos of Pesach- Part 1 download 13.24MB 55:03
37b -(pg. 440) Yesodos of Emunah- Realizing our Hishtadlus is Nothing; Yesodos of Pesach- Part 2 download 2.21MB 9:05
38- (pg. 441) Chochmah, Binah, Daas; Talmid Chochom; Yiryas Hashem; Shabbos- Preparing for the Next World download 9.69MB 40:15
39- (pg. 443) Only Through Tefila can we come to Torah; Real Gadlus comes through making oneself small download 14.30MB 59:28
40a -(pg. 445) Yesod of Giving & Taking; Chassan & Kallah download 1.67MB 6:49
40b -(pg. 446) Finding the Chochmah in the Osios Hatorah; Kol Shofar; Pashtus; Avodah of Shavuous download 15.68MB 65:13
41- (end of pg. 446) Yesod of Einayim & R'iah of Ruchniyus; Yesod of Rebbi Akiva & story in end of Makkos download 8.36MB 34:42
42- (pg. 448) Yesod HaR'iah- Seeing Kavod Shomayim in the whole Briah and Seeing the Tachlis in Everything download 12.54MB 52:08
43- (pg. 450) Torah Lishmah- with Oneg & Yichud; Mitoch Shelo Lishma; Keilim & Tumah; Galus Hashechinah download 13.34MB 55:27
44- (pg. 451) The Koach of Brachos & Dibbur; Speaking P'nimius type of Dibburim download 12.80MB 53:14
45- (end of pg. 453) Avodah of Birurim- To Lift up the Nitzotzos & to be Mamtik the Dinim; Having Mercy on the Briah download 11.93MB 49:34
46- (pg. 456) 13 Middos of Rachamim; Levush & Bigdei Kehuna download 4.02MB 16:38
47- (pg. 457) Chiddush & Hislaavus in Avodas Hashem & Torah; Rosh Chodesh; Beis Hamikdash download 8.85MB 36:47
48- (pg. 457) Two Ways in Tackling Evil- Fighting or Overturning- Rochel & Leah download 14.63MB 60:51
49- (pg. 460) Kedusha & Looking at Everything on a Bechina of Koima Shelaima; Achdus between Yidin (some static) download 17.97MB 74:46
50- (pg. 461) Torah Lishmah & Connecting to Hashem, the Mekor Hachiyus, like a Baby Nursing from its Mother download 18.22MB 75:48
51- (pg. 464) Koiach HaDibbur gives us the Koiach Hamalchus; Tefillin Shel Rosh; Shofar download 14.20MB 59:02
52- (end of pg. 465) Bringing Chochmah & Chesed down to Malchus; Avraham Avinu; Milah; Shabbos download 13.21MB 54:56
53- (pg. 469)-Yesod of Mashpiah & Mekabeil & Becoming a Mekor Hamashpiah; Milah; Shabbos Kodesh download 19.94MB 82:58
54- (end of pg. 471) Making Yichudim with our Dibbur & Machshava; Beis Hamikdash, Shabbos, Shofar, Tefillin download 14.64MB 60:53
55- (pg. 473) Emunah- Realizing Hashem is in control of Everything; Gemara starting with Brachos download 5.72MB 23:43
56- (pg. 474) Avodas Habirurim of Achilah & Torah- Doing them Lishmah & Rescuing the Shechinah download 5.36MB 22:13
57- (end of pg. 474) Always Striving for Higher Goals download 805KB 3:14
58- (pg. 475) Yesod of Hakaras Hatov & the Beis Hamikdash; Chag HaSuccos download 8.59MB 35:39
59- (pg. 476) Learning Torah & Doing things Lishmah- Connecting to the Makor; Using both Ahava & Yirah download 8.18MB 33:57
60- (end of pg. 477) Koach Hadibbur & Koach of Tefillah; Yesod of a Neder; Yaakov Avinu & Shabbos download 5.25MB 21:46
61- (pg. 478) Koach Amalek- Dibbbur & Tefilla without Machshova, Shechina in Galus; Ester Hamalka download 2.93MB 12:04
62- (pg. 480) Yirah before Ahavah- Hisbatlus to Hashem ; Dangers of Gaaveh; Succos & Rain; Torah with Hisbatlus download 4.90MB 20:18
63- (pg. 480) Learning Torah with Yichud & Tahara and that'll be Moled Maasim Tovim download 1.78MB 7:17
64- (end of pg. 480) Hashem's Throne in Shomayim download 975KB 3:57
65- (pg. 481) Yesod of Chochmah, Binah then Daas; Avraham's Avodah; Millah; Rain; Simchas HaTorah; Yesod of Besula download 9.30MB 38:37
66- (pg. 483) Feeling & Connecting to the Chiyus in the Osios HaTorah; Torah Lishmah & with Dibbur download 12.68MB 52:43
67- (pg. 486) Making Yichudim by connecting Shomayim & Aretz; Succos; Yosef; Feeling Hashem in all Situations; Teshuva download 19.62MB 81:39
68- (pg. 490) A Real Din Torah- Bringing the Din to its Hamtaka; Yaakov, Esav & the Brachos download 6.51MB 27:00
69- (pg. 490) Yesod of Malchus, Yesod & Tzedaka- Spreading Hashem's Malchus even in the Golus; Yosef Hatzadik download 5.45MB 22:35
70- (end of pg. 491) Shabbos & Refuah- Kedushas Shabbos brings everything together download 3.08MB 12:43
71- (pg. 492) Always Moving Forward in Life; Yesod of Feet & Shoes; Beis Hamikdash; Parshas Vayeitzei; Chanuka download 7.05MB 29:15
72- (pg. 492) Nun Sha'arei Binah; Torah Shel Ba'al Peh; Yesod of a Neder; Moshe & Rebbi Akiva; Sheim E'keh; Yesod of Makkos download 6.25MB 25:56
73- (pg. 493) Learning Torah at Night- Being Mamtik the Dinim download 203KB 0:44
74- (pg. 493) Yiryas Shamayim- Seeing Your Own Shiflus- (parts taken from M.E.L. Shiur 71) download 697KB 2:47
75- (pg. 493) Hashem is a Real Doctor download 441KB 1:43
76- (end of pg. 493) Learning First the Pshat of Torah with Emunah & Bittul & then taking it Further download 4.63MB 19:12
77- (pg. 494) Ta'anig in Avodas Hashem only comes through Bittul first; Shabbos, Yesodos of Tefilin, Chanuka download 9.81MB 40:45
78- (pg. 495) Connecting to the Sheim Havayah, the Mekor Hachaim; Yiras Haromemus; Succah, Mikvah; Mesiras Nefesh download 10.75MB 44:40
79- (pg. 496) The Koach & Chashivus of our Dibbur & Torah- Building the World; Malchus & Anavah download 5.25MB 21:45
80- (end of pg. 497, SIYUM) Torah Lishmah- Connecting to Hashem's Dibbur & Seeing Hashem in the Torah download 2.41MB 9:55