Rav Zucker's first sefer in English, titled "Illuminating Our Day", is now available . This sefer discusses how every aspect of one's daily life can be infused with Avodas Hashem and lead to a more meaningful life. Every moment, from waking in the morning to going to bed at night, will be covered with  Rav Zucker's special perspective and commentary. This is not just a sefer of halacha, it is a "guidebook of life."
Rav Zucker is now working on another sefer to be published, this time focusing on the Weekly Parsha. One can view here some sample chapters of this upcoming sefer.
If you would like to dedicate a chapter of this new sefer, you can contact Rav Zucker directly at 011-972-57-311-2160. Your dedication will be seen by thousands around the world and help us continue to spread Rav Zucker's Torah wisdom around the world.
It is a worthy use of Maasar funds and your donation will enable others to be inspired to lead a more meaningful Torah life.