Misc. Shiurim & Divrei Torah

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Aharon Hakohen making Shalom Bayis download 1.79MB 7:20
Aish & Mayim, Ahavah & Yirah; Yaakov Avinu & Kibbuv Av V'eim (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5770) download 3.03MB 12:31
Always Looking with a Good Eye download 180KB 0:39
Amchinover Rebba's Humility download 566KB 2:15
Ameilus B'torah & Producing Results (taken from Behar-Bechukosai 5770) download 1.76MB 7:10
Avodah of a Soldier- Being Mekareiv Others & Living with Hashem download 358KB 1:23
Avodah of a Soldier- Saving Hashem's Malchus & Helping Other Yidin download 1.06MB 4:19
Avodah of Eating Properly & the Proper Outlook on Resteraunts and Eating Out (taken from M.A. Shelach, 1st Piece, 5772) download 754KB 3:02
Avodas Achilah- Being Ma'aleh the Kedusha (taken from Tazria 5770) download 4.18MB 17:17
Avodas Hatefilah- Davening in order to Serve Hashem Better (taken from Pesach 5771- Father-Son Relationship) download 462KB 1:49
Bava Basra- Perek Yeish Nochlin download 179KB 0:38
Big Difference Between Torah & Tefillah; Being a Good Davener; Tefillah in Galus (taken from M.A. Bo, 2nd Piece, 5772) download 2.25MB 9:16
Birs Milah, Chodesh Elul- Feeling the Ahavah even in the Yirah download 3.05MB 12:36
Blessing Children to be like Ephraim & Menashe download 1.01MB 4:07
Breaking through the Tzimtzumin & the Katnus (taken from M.E.P. Devarim 5770) download 1.23MB 4:57
Bringing the Torah & the Mikdash wherever we are; Eating Properly (taken from Vayikra 5770) download 969KB 3:53
Bris Milah- Ahavah & Yirah Together (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5770) download 508KB 1:58
Chanukas Habayis (& Chanuka)- The Yesod of a Bayis & of Chanuka download 869KB 3:31
Chanukas Habayis- Bringing the Kedusha Downwards; Yesod of a Bayis download 609KB 2:26
Chanukas Habayis- Living B'kevius in Avodas Hashem; Shabbos, Torah, & Milah (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5771) download 5.23MB 21:40
Chanukas Habayis- Potential of a Yiddisha Home download 536KB 2:07
Chashivus of Chassidish Ma'ases (Yiddish) (Purim Seudah 5770) download 149KB 0:31
Chashivus of Every Yid; Meseches Sanhedrin (taken from M.A. Yisro, Last Piece, 5772) download 1.40MB 5:43
Chizuk by Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel's Levaya download 1.03MB 4:12
Chizuk for Women who take care of Children at home download 737KB 2:58
Chodesh Av & Yartzeits download 689KB 2:46
Connecting Torah & Tefilla, Semichus Geula L'Tefila- Hiskashrus to Hashem (taken from M.E.P. Shemos (3rd Piece), 5770) download 609KB 2:26
Connecting to the Sheim Havayah, the Mekor Hachaim; Yiras Haromemus, Mesiras Nefesh; Chanuka (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 78) download 6.72MB 27:54
Da'as & Hiskashrus to Tzadikim & to Hashem through Torah (taken from Shevat 5770 & M.E.P. Shemos (3rd Piece), 5770) download 1.64MB 6:40
Davening by the Kever of a Tzaddik- Death is a New Beginning; A Tzaddik Brings Out the Nitzchius of Everything (5774) download 3.87MB 16:06
Deeper Meaning behind an Upshein & giving a Child Payos (taken from M.A. Ramazei Lag B'omer, 1st Piece, 5772) download 724KB 2:54
Deeper Understanding Behind Lechem & Hamotzi- Being Mamtik the Dinim (taken from Naso 5770) download 1.46MB 5:55
Deeper Understanding behind Torah Lishmah & Pilpulim- Being M'sakein the Malchus (parts taken from Shavuous 5770) download 1.51MB 6:12
Dovid Hamelech & Sefer Tehilim; Inyan of Malchus- Everything has a Chiyus; E'ven Ma'asu Habonim download 2.38MB 9:48
End of Year Shmooz (5764) download 4.78MB 19:49
Euphrates River & Mitzrayim- Why they don't have Rain download 660KB 2:38
E'ven Ma'asu Ha'bonim- E'ven is an Ois, Bonim is a Word- The Kedusha of Every Word of Torah download 411KB 1:36
Feeling Connected in our Life & making our own personal Yichudim (taken from M.A. Vayeitzei, 1st Piece, 5772) download 775KB 3:07
Feeling our Deep Connection to Hashem in all Situations; Shir Hashirim & Netilas Yadayim (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 30) download 4.47MB 18:30
Feeling the Kedushas Hatorah during Learning & the Avodah of Birurim while learning Nigleh download 5.07MB 21:00
Fighting Klipas Yishmael download 916KB 3:42
Gadlus of Reb Shimon & Meiron- Connecting to the Pureness within Ourselves (Bringing Children to Meiron) (5774) download 2.33MB 9:41
Gaining & Learning from Talmidim & the Ma'aleh of a Mevakeish (Talmidim's Sheva Brachos for Rav Zucker's daughter) download 862KB 3:29
Gemara End of Kiddushin, Tefillin (5762) (beg. very low) download 4.95MB 20:30
Geshmak in Gemara- Every Difficulty in Life has an Ohr hidden Inside it download 289KB 1:06
Giving Shevach to Hashem when Becoming a Choson; Avodah of a Choson is Torah (5764) download 498KB 1:58
Greatness of Humility; Yirah & Anavah (taken from M.A. Behar, 3rd Piece, 5772) download 1.43MB 5:52
Guarding Our Tongue- Bris Milah & Lashon (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 21) download 1.04MB 4:14
Helping another Yid- The Greatest Yichud (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5770) download 436KB 1:40
Ikar Malchus- Revealing Hashem in the World; Har Sinai & Har Hamoriah download 653KB 2:37
Introduction to Meseches Zevachim- Everyone's real Ratzon is Lishmah and to do good download 891KB 3:36
Inyan of Going to a Kever of a Tzadik; Kever Rashbi; Through Torah a Person is Alive; Yesod of Nega'im & Ohalos (5774) download 1.83MB 7:36
Inyan of Going to See a Tzaddik (5774) download 1.33MB 5:31
Inyan of Hoada'ah- Thanking Hashem & Living with the Nitzchius of the Shem Hava'ya (Rav Zucker's Seudas Hoada'ah- Toldos 5770) download 2.58MB 10:39
Inyan of Learning Deep Penimius HaTorah & Sipurei Ma'asios of Tzadikim download 659KB 2:38
Inyan of Making A Siyum, Seudas Mitzva, Simcha download 388KB 1:31
Kavod Hatorah- Realizing & Appreciating the Torah & How vast the Torah is (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 32) download 3.00MB 12:22
Kedushas Eretz Yisroel & Kedushas Habris download 812KB 3:17
Ketores; Mikvah; Importance of Learning the Penimius of Mitzvos (5762) download 16.99MB 70:42
Kivrei Tzadikim (taken from Shekalim 5770) download 663KB 2:36
Koach of a Mitzvah- Yichud of Hashem's Name download 105KB 0:20
Kos Yeshu'os Esah- Realizing the Ta'anug in Everything; Yesod of Wine & Shabbos Kiddush; Chanuka download 955KB 3:52
Last night of Yeshiva (5764) download 7.52MB 31:13
L'chatchilah Aribar- Just Do & Dont Wait download 152KB 0:32
Learning Bekius before Iyun (taken from M.E.P. Beshalach, 5770) download 2.64MB 10:52
Learning Halacha Properly; R' Moshe & R' Shlomo Zalman (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 23) download 1.18MB 4:48
Learning Halacha with D'veikus (taken from M.A. Naso, 1st Piece, 5772) download 1.90MB 7:49
Learning Torah & Chiddushei Torah with Humility & Feeling you're inside Hashem's Palace (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 27) download 1.20MB 4:54
Learning Torah Must be Together with Ohr & Connection to Hashem (taken from Lag B'omer 5774- Yesod of Reb Shimon) download 2.01MB 8:22
Learning Torah with Ahavah & Yirah; Torah is Aish & Mayim (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5770) download 5.03MB 20:48
Living B'kevius & Bilti Mishtaneh in Avodas Hashem; Shabbos, Torah, & Milah (taken from M.E.P. Vayigash, 5771) download 5.23MB 21:40
Living with Emes & Temimius without Cheshbonos (taken from M.A. Bechukosai, 2nd Piece, 5772) download 9.09MB 37:47
Living with Hashem- The Biggest Kiddush Hashem Everyone can Make (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 12) download 2.10MB 8:39
Living with Hecherkeit & in Another World & Fighting Amalek (taken from M.A. Beshalach, 1st Piece, 5772) download 1.36MB 5:33
Meseches Horios- Rebbi Gamliel & Meseches Uktzin download 436KB 1:42
Meseches Sanhedrin (& Perek Hachelek)- The Koach of Sanhedrin can put a Yid in Olam Habah download 318KB 1:13
Meseches Sanhedrin- Making Din into Rachamim download 1.91MB 7:52
Meseches Shabbos begins with Yetzios Hashabbos download 203KB 0:44
Meseches Shavuous- Makkos, Shavuous & Avodah Zarah download 835KB 3:22
Meseches Shavuous- Tuma'as Mikdash V'kadashav- We Have Control (taken from Mattos-Massei 5770 & Yom Kippur 5770) download 4.36MB 18:02
Mikvah & Rosh Hashanah- Feeling a New Life & Always Connected to Hashem (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 78) download 775KB 3:05
Milah & the Eight Day, Eliyahu Malach Habris- Halacha V'ein Morin Kein (taken from Shemini 5770) download 1.43MB 5:51
Mishnayos Kodashim- First Mishnah of Korbanos Lishmah except Pesach & Chattos download 448KB 1:45
Only Ruchniyus Brings us to Menucha; Yesod of Purim & Shabbos (5774) download 2.69MB 11:12
P'nimius of a Shtreimel- Turning everything into the Rosh, Brining Malchus to Keser download 525KB 2:05
Proper Outlook on Chumros & Searching for an Esrog Properly (taken from M.E.P. Devarim 5770) download 2.46MB 10:06
Purim Seudah 5770- Rav Zucker giving Talmidim Brachos mixed with Torah; Making Brachos download 1.72MB 7:04
Rain & Winter- Living Shomayim down here & connecting Shomayim & Artez (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 21) download 2.11MB 8:40
Rav Moshe Veber- Every Yid is Choshuv- There's no such thing as Katnus (taken from 38-Korach 5769) download 3.92MB 16:12
Realizing we're in the Heichel Hamelech while learning Torah & in Life; Purim, Chanuka; Shabbos (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 27) download 7.70MB 31:58
Real Yichud- Only Hashem's Essence; Yesod of Kallah- K'laon, Ish & Isha; Succah & Mikvah (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 78) download 1.67MB 6:49
Rosh Chodesh- It's Greatness download 1.25MB 5:06
Shmooz about Derech Halimud (taken from M.E. Lech Licha (3rd Piece, Part 3, pg. 42), 5762) download 5.57MB 23:07
Stories of Different Tzadikim; Gadlus of the Amshinover & Lubavitcher Rebba (Purim Seuda 5770) download 2.26MB 9:19
Stories of R' Itcha Meir Morgenstern (taken from Pesach 5770- One Long Theme) download 862KB 3:26
Striving for Gadlus (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 01) download 1.84MB 7:33
Tan'aig in Avodas Hashem only comes through Bittul first; Shabbos, Tefilin, Chanuka (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 77) download 5.23MB 21:41
Tefila & Yaakov Avinu- Taking Chayei Sh'ah into Chayei Olam (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 26) download 1.14MB 4:38
Tefilin- Why Tefilin Shel Rosh has 4 Compartments (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 77) download 1.29MB 5:15
The Chashivus of Geirim (5774) (some backround noise) download 1.08MB 4:29
The Chashivus of Penimius Hatorah & Toras Arizal and Ba'al Shem Tov (5763) download 14.62MB 60:49
The Chashivus of the Ruins of Yidin download 274KB 1:02
The Danger of Hisnagdus towards Tzadikim (Lubavitcher Rebba) & More (taken from M.E. Vayeira (5th & 6th Piece, 5762) download 15.54MB 64:38
The Gadlus of a Simple & Temimos-dika Yid; R' Moshe Veber (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 24) download 1.84MB 7:34
The Great Simcha of a Chasunah- No Separations between Us & Hashem (5773) download 2.31MB 9:36
The Koach of the Mikvah- Becoming One; Mikvah before Lighting the Menorah download 1.12MB 4:34
The Real Yirah of Yitzchak Avinu (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 78) download 234KB 0:49
There's Always a Hisnagdus to Something Chosuv; Avodah of Tzadikim- Breaking Through; Chashivus of the Lubavitcher Rebba download 2.00MB 8:13
There's no Preida in Torah- Torah Creates a Real Connection (5763) download 1.88MB 7:44
The Shechina in Galus- Dibbur & Tefilla without Machshova; Ester Hamalka (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 61) download 1.28MB 5:14
The Uniquness of Bread & a Seudah; Saying Divrei Torah by a Meal download 1.21MB 4:56
The Yesod of a Drosha- Ruchnius-dicka Zivug; Ben Azai (taken from M.E.P. Shemos (3rd Piece), 5770) download 645KB 2:35
The Yesod of Tefilin- Everything is Hashem's download 220KB 0:49
The Yesod of Yirah before Ahavah; Succos & Rain; Torah with Hisbatlus & reaching the Yesod (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 62) download 3.70MB 15:17
This World is the Beis Hashem & Standing before the King download 1.85MB 7:36
Torah Lishmah- Learning Torah with Hashem & Getting the P'shat Clear (taken from M.E.P. Chukas, 5770) download 960KB 3:53
Toras Hachasidus- Seeing & Connecting to Hashem in the Torah (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 80) download 330KB 1:13
Tzadikim- Connecting to them & Respecting Them (taken from M.E.P. Shemos (3rd Piece), 5770) download 673KB 2:39
Tzadikim have the Koach to see everything in the Torah download 398KB 1:33
Tzadikim know when there's an Eis Ratzon to Daven (Amchinover Rebba) download 369KB 1:26
Vort from Reb Tzadok on Yediah & Bechira; Purim (taken from M.A. Vayeitzei, 1st Piece, 5772) download 1.31MB 5:20
Vort on Baba Basra- Yaakov Avinu download 534KB 2:07
Vort on Gadlus of a Talmid Chacham download 2.91MB 12:00
What to say to a 3 yr old who asks where's hashem download 738KB 2:58
Yaakov Avinu & the Name of Yaakov (taken from M.A. Vayeitzei, 1st Piece, 5772) download 570KB 2:16
Yartzheits in Chodesh Av & Sisrei Torah (taken from M.E.P. Chukas, 5770) download 165KB 0:35
Yearning for the Beis Hamikdash Through Saying & Learning Korbanos & Appreciating Avodas Hashem (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 15) download 2.32MB 9:33
Yediah & Bechirah- One Master Plan; Purim, Ad D'lo Yoda'ah; Keser & Malchus download 12.16MB 50:33
Yesod of a Bar Mitzvah & Tefillin- Creating a Bond with Hashem (Parshas Yisro & Mishpatim 5773) download 5.02MB 20:54
Yesod of Asher Yotzar; Shalom Bayis & Ishto K'Gufo- Making a Yichud between Shomayim & Artez (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 67) download 1.24MB 5:03
Yesod of Breaking a Kli under the Chuppah- Balancing the Ohr & Kli Properly (taken from Lag B'omer 5774- Yesod of Reb Shimon) download 1.23MB 5:08
Yesod of Bris Milah (5765) download 9.57MB 39:45
Yesod of Bris Milah- Becoming Kadosh through Being an Eved Hashem; Gadol Hametzu'vah V'oseh (Shemos 5773) download 8.66MB 36:05
Yesod of Bris Milah- Becoming Kadosh through Being an Eved Hashem; Gadol Hametzu'vah V'oseh (Shemos 5773)- Yiddish download 2.88MB 12:00
Yesod of Bris Milah- Living Every Moment with Kabalas Malchus Shomayim (5773) download 4.01MB 16:42
Yesod of Bris Milah- Living Every Moment with Kabalas Malchus Shomayim (5773)- Yiddish download 1.96MB 8:10
Yesod of Da'as- Connecting to Hashem through Torah & Mitzvos (taken from Shevat 5770) download 418KB 1:35
Yesod of Dayanim & Meseches Sanhedrin (taken from M.A. Ki Savo, 1st Piece, 5771) download 793KB 3:12
Yesod of Hakaras Hatov & the Beis Hamikdash; Chag HaSuccos (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 58) download 6.33MB 26:16
Yesod of Kieruv & Teshuva- Every Bit Counts (taken from Rosh Hashanah 5771) download 595KB 2:20
Yesod of Mashpiah & Mekabeil; Milah; Shabbos Kodesh (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 53) download 7.87MB 32:40
Yesod of Mesiras Nefesh- Connected to Real Chayim; Avraham Avinu; Chanuka (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 78) download 1.16MB 4:41
Yesod of Pesukei D'zimrah & Inyanei Tefilah (5762) download 6.31MB 26:11
Yesod of Pidyon Haben- Bringing Kedusha on our Own (5765) download 5.67MB 23:31
Yesod of Rain & Winter; Ikar Simcha of Torah; Yesod of Besula (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 65) download 1.31MB 5:20
Yesod of Saying Tehilim- Bringing a Unity & Balance to Everything (taken from Lag B'omer 5774- Yesod of Reb Shimon) download 885KB 3:41
Yesod of Shir Hashirim & Netilas Yedayim- Always feeling connected to Hashem (taken from M.E.L. Shiur 30) download 3.38MB 13:59
Yesod of Simcha (taken from Yediah & Bechira, Purim 5771 Shiur) download 570KB 2:13
Yesod of the Eimurim of the Korbanos- Sending back Hashem's Chelek download 1.54MB 6:19
Yesod of the Ten Sefiros with Keser & Malchus (taken from M.A. Bechukosai, 2nd Piece, 5772) download 3.24MB 13:23
Yesod of the Yud Kei without the Vav Kei- A Constant Yichud & Connection with Hashem download 694KB 2:47
Yesof of Milah- Our Innermost Connection with Hashem without Da'as (taken from Pesach 5771) download 543KB 2:09
Yud Tes Kisleiv 5771- Spreading Kedusha & Torah Everywhere (taken from M.E.P. Vayeishev) download 2.01MB 8:13
Zechus of being Amul in Torah; Bittul to Hashem (5762) download 12.88MB 53:32