Going Deeper into the Parsha- Advanced Shiurim on the Parsha

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15- Bo 5768- Dilug and K'vitza- Jumping out of Golus download 7.49MB 41:27
16- Beshalach 5768- Inyan of Shira- Going Back to the Mekor of Things download 10.04MB 55:38
17- Yisro 5768- Realizing the Shoresh Ha'raah comes from Hashem & Using it to come to Tov download 8.61MB 47:41
18- Mishpatim 5768- Rotzoi V'Shav- Yesod of Mesiras Nefesh & Kabalas HaTorah; Running out of Cheit download 9.40MB 52:03
19- Terumah 5768- Yesod of the Beis Hamikdash & Kedusha- Only the Existence of Hashem; Learning Torah Properly download 9.84MB 54:30
20- Tetzaveh 5768- Yesod of the Mishkan & Korbanos- Realizing the Penimius & Purity of Klal Yisroel download 8.41MB 46:34
21- Ki Sisa 5768- Learning Torah & Living with Hishtokekus towards Hashem download 7.41MB 41:01
22- Vayakheil-Pikudei 5768- A Deep Understanding of the Chashivus of Shabbos Kodesh- Temunah K'lalis of Things download 8.93MB 49:29
24- Vayikra 5768 (& Purim)- Feeling Satisfied with a little brings us to Shleimus download 9.33MB 51:40
26- Shmini 5768 (& end of Tzav)- Mesiras Nefesh & Doing things Only for Hashem's Sake; Bringing the High Oros down into our Lives download 9.11MB 50:28
27- Tatzria 5768 (& Pesach)- Feeling the Havdalah between Us & the Goyim; Tzadikim are Always Alive download 7.60MB 42:05